Common Problem
  • TV switched to a few seconds before the image Explanation:To extend the life of the tube, in particular the use of the soft-start power technology. Its characteristics are: When your TV's power is turned on, the image is not displayed within 3-5 seconds, the screen appears as black, when the tube filament reaches thermal steady state, gradually showing the screen image. CRT can effectively shorten the aging time. General machine can boot in less than 15 seconds are within the normal range.
  • 16: 9 screen TV, the characters appear short, fat phenomenon. (PDP, LCD prone) Explanation:This phenomenon is a normal phenomenon, is due to the current TV program of 4: 3 format, when a 16: 9 screen TV receiving 4: 3 format signal, 16: 9 screen TV will be 4: 3 signal about widening, so the image is short, fat, such as not used to adjust the aspect ratio to another mode. Note: The 16: 9 screen is the future development trend of digital television ...
  • TV image slight tilt Explanation:The main reason is the image a slight tilt tube affected by environmental geomagnetic effects caused at work, it is a normal phenomenon. CRT HDTVs basically have "Geomagnetic Correction" function can be adjusted to improve (refer to the product manual describes the norm); regular TV no magnetic correction function to adjust the TV viewing direction can only attempt to improve.
  • Smell arising from the use of new purchase Explanation:After the new machine generate heat in use, the plastic shell, the internal transformer, electrical components used in some of their insulating paint will gradually evaporate volatile odor, similar to the new furniture made, as will issue a certain odor, is normal phenomenon. Over time, the smell will disappear gradually decreases, it is recommended to maintain good indoor ventilation.
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