TOUSDA History

TOUSDA Company 15th Anniversary Memorabilia


2000 year

TOUSDA has established in Foshan city, is professional company engaged in the R & D and sales of CRT color TV products, officially announced the color TV industry of SKD.

In 2002

TOUSDA has the company first TV SKD assembly production line officially put into operation in the factory of NanhaiSonggang east of the village. This is a milestone significance in the history of time, and gradually put into operation the injection workshop, paint shop, continue to improve, continue to improve the companys production capacity matching.


In 2003

TOUSDA has core workshop, the whole plant has been officially put into operation. So far, the company has from the injection molding machine shell, shell painting, movement manufacturing, chassis assembly, machine assembly, such as color TV products full range of production capacity. Has successfully developed into a set of technical development, production and marketing as one of the Integrated Company.

In 2004

Tousda electronic appliances Co. Ltd. was founded in the east of the village of Songgang town of Nanhai district. From the communication and electronic upgrade for electronic and electrical appliances, from small workshops to upgrade for large factories, marking the pass and the company officially to the modernization of the company transformation. Thereafter, the company will continue to introduce advanced management system, advanced production technology, continue to expand the scale, to create a brilliant.


In 25th DEC 2005

Tousda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established in Leping Industrial Park in Sanshui district.

In 2007

The first LCD mould "88" has successful development, the formal entry into the liquid crystal LCD market.


In 8th AUG 2008

Tousda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has officially put into operation.

In 28th NOV 2010

The company has moved into Sanshui District Industrial Park, in the spacious 100 acres of the plant. Also, this year is the celebration of the tenth anniversary.


In 2012

The company in order to enhance the management level of enterprises, led to the introduction of new management concepts and methods, to help enterprises solve the problems on the management and operation, hired easyJet management company. Through one and half year of management, optimize the management process of the company, and improved the rules and regulations, enhance the management level of the managerial personnel of the various departments.

In 28th AUG 2013

The companys Shenzhen office was established. Shenzhen office is shouldering the task of developing high-end technology research and development, the high-end market.


In 2013

The module production line officially put into operation.

In 2014

We has cooperated with the worlds top management software company Oracle to complete ERP project, marking the company entered the era of digital management.


In Mar 2014

We has cooperated with Taiwan Sanyo company, marking and company formally opened the LED products in the high-end market, has won a very good reputation in the market of LCD. In the process of cooperation, we learn the Taiwan Sanyo enterprises advanced quality management concept, advanced production production process, through the strict BSMI certification, the companys product technology, quality level has been greatly improved.

In the end of 2014

The first SMT patch production line officially put into operation. Since then, the LED mainboard, set-top box mainboard and other digital products can produced in our company. The level of production technology, and get the greatly improved.


In 2015

Thailand factory has established in Bangkok.

Annual production capacity as follows (set):

1. 2000 -2001 CRT 500 thousand
2. 2002 -2004 CRT 3 million
3. 2005 -2007 CRT 5 million
4. 2008 -2012 CRT 3 million and LCD 500 thousand
5. 2012 -2013 CRT 3 million and LCD 1 million
6. 2014 -2015 CRT 2 million and LCD 2 million