User Services Policy

Tousda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Tousda is a electrical technology company, that was established in 2000.

TOUSDA provides users with high-quality comprehensive after-sales service, regardless of the user has any problems, will be through the customer service department and thoughtful detailed help. Customer service department will reflect the users classification, such as by for solving user problems, such as belonging to the responsibility of the manufacturer, distribution center and other departments, customer service department will quickly contact with the relevant departments, as soon as possible to solve customer.

Product quality problem
TOUSDA provides products are manufactured through inspection, to reach the relevant product quality standards of qualified products. If the product has quality problems, please contact the customer service department, we will address the specific issues of users, respectively. The user as a consumer rights enjoyed by the law to be fully respected.
Product transportation problem
The products, can be transported by the distribution center, it may be directly from the manufacturer to the user directly to the designated location, or by the EMS or mail delivery of the product to the user. Regardless of the manner in which the product is delivered, the user has the right to request the product to be packed in full, all accessories are complete. If users receive the product packaging is not complete, causing the product has been damaged, affecting the quality of products, please users immediately and customer service department to contact, we will according to the requirements of the users of products were repair, replacement or return of goods processing.
Payment problems
Users buy products can be paid through the Internet, post office remittance, bank wire transfers, etc.. The use of online payment, by credit card immediately to the bank system to submit payment information to complete the payment. If the amount of credit card is insufficient, or unexpected disconnection, etc., may result in payment is invalid, after which the order can not be added to pay. Once this happens, please choose other payment methods. We will assist the user to contact with the bank, to coordinate the issue of online payment processing.